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Lesbian Interest movies

Although there are a lot of movies and TV show with "lesbian" content, this review site focuses on movies that

Feature a lesbian in the main role

The main theme contains a lesbian relationship

Address issues faced by lesbian women in our relationships and lives


Each lesbian movie review contains

Synopsis: summary of the plot

Film Clip: video trailer or promotional film clip from the movie. Where the clips have spoilers, this is clearly indicated

Review: Just a quick review of the acting, the flow of the story and most importantly the accuracy of the lesbian content.

The World UnseenLoving AnnabelleL WordD.E.B.S

The List of Lesbian Movies

The lesbian movie list page is the best place to start on this site

This has a list of movie titles with each title linked to a review page for the individual movie.

The list is ordered according to the country of release Loving Annabelle is from the USA hence is under the list of lesbian movies from the US. Apart from the regional categories, the list of lesbian movies is in no particular order

Individual Movie Review Page

This is the page that has the summary of the specific lesbian interest movie. Also has the collection of video clips, images and other information on the relevant movie. An unbiased review is also included on the page. Reviews however reflect the personal preference of the person reviewing the movie and is only a guide. We suggest watching the movie clip as well to better inform your decision

The list of lesbian movies is reviewed from time to time and the list is growing ever so slowly. Again this is not meant to be an exhaustive listing of all the movies with lesbian content out there.

Lesbian Movies And TV Shows: Stuff to Watch Out For

Some lesbian movies and TV shows that look promising. Also some lesbian interest news

Orange is the new Black

Female prison Netflix series loosely based on the book by the same name

Brilliant and terribly addictive series. One not to miss

The Secret Diaries Of Miss Anne Lister

Lesbian movie based on the diaries of a 19th century lesbian Landowner who lived in Yorkshire.

Lip Service. BBC lesbian drama

Lip service is based on the lives of some twenty something year old lesbians living in Glasgow. Laura Fraser from Nina's heavenly delights, Ruta Gedmintas and Fiona Button in the lead roles

Venice The Series, Lesbian Web Series

Venice the series is by Crystal Chappell from "Guiding light" and "Days of our lives" and Kim Turrisi. Visit for more information

The Fosters

Excellent tv show about an average multi-racial family and the challenges of bringing up teenagers. The parents just happen to be lesbians. A really cool show. Must see

Here's a clip